The WeLL Programme

October 17, 2018

The WeLL programme was started in 2005. It caters to children aged 4 to 12 years old from the less-privileged families. The mission of WeLL is to inculcate in our children the love for learning and to help them acquire confidence and life skills. The WeLL programme includes activities such as free Tuition and Enrichment classes, Character Development activities, Reading club, Sport & Culture events etc.

Today there are 200 children in the program, many from single parent family living in 1-2 rooms rental flats.
The WeLL Centre is fully volunteer driven without any paid staff. All the fund needed to run the centre is sponsored by corporate groups or donated by well-wishers.


August 23, 2018

BURSARY PRESENTATION AT CHEN SU LAN METHODIST CHILDREN’S HOME 24 August 2018 President Mrs Joan Yim and Asst Hon Treasurer Mrs Annie Chang visited the Chen Su Lan Methodist Home to present a bursary cheque of $4000 to Mr Raymond Low, who is studying chemical engineering at the National University of Singapore. Mrs Yim and Mrs Chang also enjoyed a good chat with Raymond and representatives from the Home. This is in line with our founding members vision of helping the less fortunate. President of CWA Mrs Joan Yim (second from left) presents the bursary cheque to Mr Raymond Low with Mrs Annie Chang flanked by representatives of Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.  What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Tea at Brazilian ambassador's residence

June 12, 2018

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Chinese New Year 2018 celebration

February 16, 2018

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Christmas Cheer at the Henderson Home

December 08, 2017

Residents at the Henderson Home enjoyed a joyous Christmas luncheon organised by CWA members who spread the festive cheer. Volunteers distributed Christmas goodies and also served a sumptuous spread of Christmas delicacies. The residents were also delighted by the wonderful singing of Christmas carols and familiar Chinese songs led by Jimmy Chan and his band.

Tea at residence of Indian High Commissioner

September 25, 2017

About 30 members enjoyed a delightful afternoon tea at the spectacular residence of HE Jawed Ashraf, Indian High Commissioner and his wife. Highlight of the event included a talk by architect Steven Siow of Shing Design Artelier who will share insights on the conservation of the heritage house and future plans.

CWA LIFE SKILL TALK SERIES - Befriending & Communicating with the Elderly

August 28, 2017

We were very privileged to kick start off our very first series of CWA Life Skill talk on the above topic by Ms Lim Sia Hoe who wears many hats. She is GM of NTUC Elderly Care, Silver Health Care & Executive Director for Centre for Seniors Portal & Center for Seniors, Singapore.

As part of CFS (Community Foundation of Singapore), this 1.5 hours talk gave in a nutshell, the essence of what CWA hopes that EXCO and members will continue on with our heritage – that of befriending the elderly seniors for a: “Purposeful Life Meaningful Work”. *

Sia Hoe explained the work is about 90% Heart & 10% Skills.  Why we need to befriend these seniors in a very rapidly ageing Singapore population where social isolation leads to mental health deterioration and depression; without purpose, there is no hope and hence the dangers of becoming lonely & “waiting to die”.  CWA hopes through this Befriending Program, to keep them engaged and something to brighten their day, looking forward to these visits at their homes and hopefully getting them out of their one bedroom apartment & participate/interact in the SilverACE club house. Half the battle is won if they can be kept supported, interacting in their neighborhood versus sending them to structured nursing homes which can be very sterile and rigid.


Sia Hoe imparted useful, succinct tips and guidelines which are available from Yit Leng for members who are interested to know more.


We started up with a core group of 10 EXCOs/members who could attend today’s talk and we hope to build up a bigger team to participate in these monthly trips out to NTUC Health SilverACE @ 57 Lengkok Bahru. The Center Managers, Mr Sunny Yap and Ms Betty Yeo would initially identify suitable candidates to visit them in their homes around the block and we hope over time, it’ll become a full grown network of CWA volunteers who will bring cheer, friendship & allowing ageing to be a graceful and dignified process for these lonely single seniors.


Do check with CWA office if you are interested and register with Yit Leng at Secretariat to

volunteer 2 hrs every third Thursday of the month when you are available. CWA EXCOs, Mrs Magdalene Low & Mrs Margarette Wang are the 2 EXCO member in charge of CWA Welfare. 


*CFS motto

Zenith Event

August 04, 2017

CWA and Zenith Affair together with Carat 55  presented an extraodinary event on 5 August - a journey, appealing to our 5 senses!

By invitation only, the journey began for 55 members/guests of CWA  at One Farrer Hotel and Spa - a uniquely appointed hotel situated in one of Singapore's Heritage Districts, Little India.

At 1145am the guests made their first stop at the Hotel's unique "Garden in the Sky" - a lush herb, vegetable and fruit garden situated on the 7th level - Seeing was believing! Everything was thriving healthily in a pristine garden environment. The sight of the Durian Tree excited many ladies; and the Smell of fresh herbs was a treat!


Mrs Ng Joo Ee, CWA's Life member, conducted the tour of the "Garden in the Sky" - highlighting to al,l the herbs and vegetables that were to be used in the  "Gaden to Table Menu" for the Luncheon later.


Then the journey continued to Zenith Affair's "Garden of Gems" situated on the beautifully landscaped  terrace on the 6th level - where lunch was served in a beautiful garden setting; and the beautiful jewellery displayed appealed to many. Guests were greeted with a refreshing drink - an infusion of blue petals of the Bunga Telang..

The 3 course menu, incorporating herbs from the "Garden in the Sky" was  curated by Mrs Ng Joo Ee, whose hobby is cooking...

And in between the happy Sounds of chatty conversation and delicious food , guests strolled through the "Garden of Gems" - to  See, Touch the beautiful jewellery on display; chatted with friends; and collected the specially printed recipes of the dishes served.


The dishes that were served and prepared with TLC by One Farrer's Executive Chef - Elson Cheong were:


One Farrer's Signature Laksa


Nasi Ulam accompanied with mutton rendang and fried chicken in Pandan leaf


Lemongrass Jelly and Durian Pengat


The delicious lunch completed the satiation of the 5 senses of Sight, Smell; Sound, Touch and Taste  on that afternoon...

'CWA 100 Fabulous Years' Book Presentation to School

July 25, 2017

CWA hosted a tea reception for the book presentation of CWA 100 Fabulous Years at the National Museum, a project that came about from the wife of President Tony Tan, Mrs Mary Tan. She suggested that we should give each & every Singapore schools and institutions of higher learning, a copy of the book for their libraries as a rich source for reference. Many of the lives of our Founding Members and their families were intertwined with much of early Singapore’s history. A total of 100 guests attended, including representatives from schools, 3-4 generational descendants and CWA EXCO and Members. Seven principals went on stage to receive the books from Mrs Mary Tan in person. It was a warm and enjoyable event, which increased the awareness of CWA and her past history and was very successful with several guests adjourning on with current Museum exhibits thereafter.

This visit was organized by our Exco member, Mrs Maniza Jumabhoy. CWA members and friends  were invited to tour the Indian Heritage Centre on Thursday 8 June 2017.

It was an opportunity to learn more about the history, rich culture, heritage and legacies of pioneering families from India and more.  The ladies experienced Henna Service and a guided tour of the galleries. Lunch was served at Apollo Banana Leaf restaurant. 


May 25, 2017

CWA AGM welcomed an attendance of some 40 members.  Changes in the Constitution were passed unanimously.  Mrs Joan Yim also brought members’ attention to Gen XY members’ official cut off point at 49 years & under as of 1 January at each current year after which everyone gets promoted to “Legacy” membership.  This will allow CWA EXCO to ensure a multi layered approach to events with special interests to our ever-expanding membership. It was heartening to see there are 3rd & 4th inter-generation memberships.


We also had a special guest speaker in Mrs May Schooling who enthralled audience with her matter of fact delivery on raising Singapore’s Golden “Olympian Swimmer” and the enthusiastic Q&As that followed right through a scrumptious afternoon tea catered by our own EXCO member, Mrs Anne Goh.

It was also announced that CWA has embarked on the development of its a very own user-friendly CWA website (  Apart from past, present & future information, we will also be able to make all future membership payments, bookings for events, looking up on present & future events online with the touch of a finger vs wielding cheque books, stamps, trips to the post office et al.

Visit to the Malay Heritage Centre

This is the second time that CWA visited The Malay Heritage Centre, which was having a temporary exhibition called,  “Mereka Utusan: Imprinting Malay Modernity 1920-1960s". The exhibit features insights into the development of Malay modernity and identity through the language of advertisements & editorial cartoons produced during those decades. Guests were treated to a delicious Nasi Ambeng lunch at the adjoining Mamanda restuarant and were entertained by Orkes Sri Temasek Group. At the end of the lunch, all guests were inspired and delighted to try some impromptu Malay Joget dance lessons.

April 21, 2017

This event organized by Mrs Annie Chang and Ms Elizabeth Leong saw a good turnout of 38 ladies, almost half comprising of our young Gen XY members. Ms Sharon Lim of Cortina Watch, a CWA member welcomed participants to the event in the beautiful Rolex boutique at Marina Square. A sumptuous afternoon tea of dim sum, sushi and western canapes were served with free flowing champagne. A floral arrangement session followed with everyone creating their own bouquet to bring home. Participants were also given a short tour of the new boutique as well as having a professional photographer to mark the event. It was an intimate and most delightful Saturday afternoon tea enjoyed by all.

Chap Goh Mei Lunch

February 10, 2017

CWA kicked off 2017 with a grand CNY Chap Goh Mei lunch for 240 guests & friends at the Shangri La Tower Ballroom as our first event for the year to welcome in the Lunar New Year on 11 February 2107.

Mrs Violet Yeo, the organizing chair with her team worked really hard to put together a wonderful event in a short spate of time and filled it with non-stop entertainment. Guests were treated to a sumptuous lunch and kept entertained by Danny Koh and his band. An interesting event by Spanish dancers from “Flamenco Sin Fronteras’ impressed the guest as well as performances by Michael Chen, CWA Patron Betty Chen’s grandson and our life member, Noor Quek brought much joy, entertaining guests with their many talents.


The “God of Wealth” made a surprised entrance and greeted guests with bonus ‘Ang pows’! 


Flower Diamond, as the main sponsor of the event presented a colorful & glamorous fashion show with member, Miranda Walsh acting as MC. Ms Belinda Chua later presented tokens of appreciation to our member models who showed off the latest Rajola Cruise jewellery & a beautifully curated kaftan collection. Models included Frances Low, Elizabeth Leong, Anne Goh, Coralie Ang, Rebecca Eu, Jane Heng, Angela Bermejo & Lynn Yeow  who all looked spectacular. 

Betty Chen's 90th Birthday Celebration

November 09, 2016

A most memorable occasion attended by 130 guests including old friends going back to the teen years, like Mabel Wang who flew in from Melbourne, Nonagenarian like Professor Anne Wee and Mrs Ivy Kwa. 

An evening sponsored by CWA and orchestrated together with Wild Rice, who were the beneficiary of the fund raised to mark and honor our CWA Patron and Past President of 26 years. Mr Richard Eu made a generous cheque presentation to Dr S Vasoo in support of CWA's Social Service Leadership Programme for three years. This was also made in memory of his late mother, Mrs Diana Eu and to commemorate Mrs Betty Chen's 90th Birthday.

Chinese New Year Celebration (2016)

February 12, 2016

About 350 members and friends of CWA enjoyed a wonderful afternoon when they came together to celebrate Chinese New Year organised at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Proceeds from the event totaling $20,000 went to NUS Prevention of Dementia Programme in Jurong.

Tintswalo Night

June 19, 2015

The fund raising event was a unique collaboration between South African High Commission and CWA to benefit the NUS professorship in Social Sciences, that SG50Kita was tasked with a goal to raise S$6M in memory for our first President, Mr Yusof Ishak and his vision of a harmonious Singapore made up of diverse ethnicity.


Tintswalo is a Tsonga expression, derived from the Nguni ethnic group meaning “the intangible feeling of love, gratitude & peace bestowed upon someone offering you a meaningful & worthy gift”.


SAHC provided the special food items accompanied by South African boutique wines, fruit juices & their famous Amarula liqueur at cocktails. Guests enjoyed a feast by special SA chefs Elsa Van Der Nest (who had cooked for the Obama family) & team.  The menu presented at the Fullerton Ballroom was graced by 200 guests from various embassies and SG50Kita secretariat and chief executives from MUIS, Mendaki and their esteemed guests. Speaker of Parliament, Madam Halimah Yacob was Guest of Honour.


Guests were entertained by NADI Singapura, a 20 band strong young drummers playing various Malay drum ensemble under Riduan Zalani. The evening was a great success and raised $252,000 including proceeds from a live auction.

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