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The COVID 19 pandemic has curtailed many social gatherings and many of us have not been able to gather socially for more than a year. Even the Annual General Meeting last year was postponed and finally took place via zoom.


It is my honour to report that the enthusiasm of the Executive Committee Members has not waned throughout this period despite the restrictions imposed due to the ongoing pandemic. Just before the pandemic started, the CWA organised its annual fund raising event to celebrate the Lunar New Year on 1 Feb 2020. The Peranakan theme “Jolly Jolly Peranakan” luncheon at One Farrer Hotel was attended by about 200 guests and friends. It was enjoyed by all who loved the opportunity to dance to the live music. Proceeds of the event have been given to the deserving students at the Queenstown Secondary School.


Following this, a few attempts were made to organise activities to engage and interest members. However when it became clear that large gatherings were discouraged and social distancing would be the norm, many of these activities were postponed and could not materialise as they were not approved as a precaution against the spread of virus.


We regret that popular classes such as qigong and mahjong were discontinued until further notice. Since all classes and activities at the Club house were disallowed, the Clubhouse was essentially not used since April 2020. This also meant that revenue for the Association was badly affected.


To cushion the impact on the financial demand on the Club, one of the major decisions made by the Executive Committee was to rent the space used by the CWA Secretariat at Gilstead Road after several discussions. Renovation of the apartment was carried out from September 2020 to November 2020. The tenants moved in December 2020. We are grateful that the tenants have allowed the CWA to use a small room in the apartment as the office and also offered the use of several shelves to store books and materials in the apartment. The address of the Secretariat remains the same at 28 Gilstead Road #03-02 Singapore 309072.


The Executive Committee has been meeting mostly via zoom and it was only when it was relaxed to allow up to eight people that some of the executive committee members were able to meet up face to face.


In October, CWA Vice President Mrs Mary Eu proposed a cooking course to engage some members after a long period of social distancing. Several members enrolled in the cooking course conducted at a culinary academy At-Sunrice for the 8-day course. They learned Baking & Pastry, Chinese, Thai, Singapore, French, Soups & Sauces and Desserts. Many of the ladies enjoyed the hands-on experience and were impressed by the range of dishes offered by the professional chefs.


We were fortunate to be able to finally launch the CWA-NUS Bursary via an afternoon tea at Yan Dining in December 2020 with the sponsorship of Yan Dining. Although inter-mingling of guests was strictly prohibited, I wish to thank all members and friends who warmly supported the effort despite the social restrictions.


The Committee has continued to bring awareness of this Bursary and ongoing events have been planned to continue to raise funds for the bursary. My heartfelt thanks to indefatigable spirit of members of the Executive Committee and the warm support of members in all our endeavours during this challenging time. Thank you.



Mrs Joan Yim


"The CWA has always made service to the community as our hallmark in whatever we endeavor and I am pleased that this tradition has continued"
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